Sunday, September 16, 2012


Hi!  My name is Kim, and I am currently a 16-week-pregnant KOP Crossfitter.  Deemed a "healthy patient" by my doctor, and encouraged to continue my already-developed level of fitness (at about 75%-80% intensity), I've been continuing my pre-pregnancy CrossFit journey, with just a few tweaks.  And, so far, it's been great (except for the whole "I CAN'T BREATHE!" feeling...or as Aimee calls it, "the elephant sitting on my chest.)!  Essentially, I'm no longer trying for my fastest times, or heaviest weights (although preggo hormones sure make weight go up easier!).  I do every WOD as intensely as I can, normally hogging all of the fan space from everyone else, and taking frequent water and breathing breaks.  Just recently, I stopped doing exercises that over-extend my torso, so I'm subbing in dead hang pull-ups (so hard!) for kipping pull-ups, partial range of motion kettle bell swings, and no more GHD sit-ups.  I also transitioned into doing paralette burpees, and step-ups instead of box jumps.  The last change for me so far is the frequency of wodding.  Pre-pregnancy I wodded 5 days a week, back to back.  Now, I get much more sore, so I normally do two days on, one or two days off.  I'll keep you posted as I get further along, but for now, all is well, in my CrossFit life and beyond.

Brady Cole


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